24 August 2013

Why Linux Desktop computing has failed to miss the "Doorbells Ringing " of everyday computing ?

Linux computing has reached  a  far-ahead in terms of technology , If you see the top Supercomputers list  then you will find that about 99 percent of supercomputers are based on Linux .Similarly most of the Military are now using linux as their main platforms for computing as it provides and enhanced security .

Look at this article from it can be seen that Linux is everywhere ,



But why the hell is that Linux desktop is not shining like a star on Desktop front even having more than 20 years of active development and early arrival , Linux has really become awesome and  the  dominant force behind the internet servers and other related stuffs ,but in terms of  Desktop user still lot of misguidance persist .

In terms of security ,companies spending lots of money on their Server sites , proxy and Mail gate-way etc also a misconception persist as its Open-source can be used as backdoor for hacking and other problem is that as some companies actually shifted to Linux system but they were actually short of technical expertise needed to maintain the systems in third world countries .

Certified Hardware: The  biggest challenge Linux community is facing about adoption of certified hardware from hardware vendors is too slow like a snail race .Also an example of vendor 'Dell" Selling Linux laptop pre-installed , they dont market  or advertise the consumers that some brands like Inspiron /Xps comes with pre-installed with Ubuntu systems .When user want to buy a system in Dos they will be actually using some form of windows os on their system later but when they start their system with a visually different OS that they had never seen or used .  So most user either return their system back to companies otherwise call someone and install windows or some form of pirated system over it .When users enquire about the system the response we get "We dont guarantee you that if you used ubuntu on your system it will work fine , all you have to search on ubuntu related issues on web for queries , Dell recommends using Windows ." So you can just see even with hardware vendors selling open source on their system how they do it .

Other issue faced by users is of mobile connectivity with Desktop os ,like in windows system lots of Mobile OS/Android /IOS  has special interface and they connect easily for net connectivity . Even for Mac desktop its same but when its comes to net connectivity through mobile to Desktop Linux OS it surely fails . Simply you cant connect for net through Android mobile to Linux desktop even-though it runs Linux kernel underneath .

 Really if Linux Desktop has to be successful there  should be at least one Linux OS which should support all the Linux based operating system out-of-box . If you see Ubuntu has come up with Ubuntu touch but Ubuntu Mobile OS will  it support other Linux operating system its really hard to say , only time will tell .

Other mess around Linux operating system is about Free and Non-Free components and softwares in the system .Generally if we buy a system and on that system if Wifi or other stuff doesn't work because of non-free we blame the Linux system and in terms Linux community blames hardware vendors but overall what end users get  from it nothing productive .

In todays world  the users just want a spoon-feeding Os what Mac and Windows are doing to their customers , one simple thing Linux ecosystem should notice  Life of recent Generation has become so busy from Day -to- Night  ,afterall they want to enjoy other time , what has been left out other than work .Who is going to just keep on spending their days just tweaking and tinkering to get their things done on Linux platforms wasting their time on it .

For Linux Desktop if you see its awesome because it recognizes almost every piece of hardware that you throw at it but in terms of interface its keep on changing like different seasons of the year. And then every Professional Analyst has shouted that Linux Desktop is Mess since the existence of Linux desktop Interface has kept on changing like which Linux community has enjoyed AfterStep, KDE, LXDE,  FluxBox, XFCE, Enlightenment ,Cinnamon and list keeps on rolling as a travel journey visiting different Wonders of the World and confusing himself to choose which is afterall best travel place to visit him.For users like me who are noobs keeps on changing Linux UI something was good and impressive other not so.

While look at Mac user interface "Look at OS X Tiger,Then OS X Leopard , Then at OS X Snow Leopard /OS X Lion etc-etc . One thing surely you would notice that user experience feels different but in terms of function ability all is same only slight difference. Generally End users are not interested in  tweaking their interfaces too often they just want a thing that just works simply for them .

While in Linux users are continuously needed their user to update and upgrade system and because of that it leads to sometimes instability or some other thing not working for them .And oppositely if you see  windows its supported for around ten years . Also when a illiterate normal user will go for buying hardware in shops they will only go and buy randomly from showcase brand for their computing stuff. So desktop is very hard to support in terms of user segment .

Another complaint of Average user it that they dont find the apps they use on Linux platforms , Traditonal myth and reputation of Linux its very hard to install and manage various stuff on it but with Ubuntu it seems changing . Also  commercial apps and their variants are not available in Linux so why someone will just shift his leg in other shoes which is just not comfortable for him. Linux is free but it still lacks expertise to handle and maintain the os for hardware vendors .

 Also another problem with Linux community is camping gunning each others like a military camps fighting for their share of land .One camp hates other and Vice- Versa other one hate Foss other like Richard Stallman hates any given piece of proprietary software you will find on  open source desktop. I think a common perspective is lacking instead of taking other Linux os they should form a Linux Cartel : " An Army of Linux Desktop system " and set their guns toward windows and Mac platforms .

I dont understand ,Why a simple etiquette is lacking in Linux Community  ? why they forget Apple Fanboys and windows are constantly barking on the negativity of Linux Desktop , Why they simple ignore it ?
Linux community should give a tit for tat for these stuff , when they will understand "God knows'.

If you just search for current market share of Linux desktop its very low around 2 percent and why not booming but may the landscape change when more people use for mobile computing like android surely Linux is top contender there but in desktop space a total failure .Even then unknowingly many uses some form of Linux system but in terms of credit Linux lacks the Brand appeal  for normal users.

At last one simple option all Linux community form a simple cartel of Linux Fanboys club and come up with a single system that work for all or instead of making interface why  they just change and fork the applications in terms of aesthetic and productivity it will naturally increase apps with different aesthetic and interface also list of apps will increase , example if someone wanna do things in Photoshop he/ she has also other alternate there but in Linux we dont find   a good alternate to Gimp thats it .

Also recently one of my friend were just discussing about using Linux on his system but he uses apps for share-marketing for his Daily needs but , he can't find any apps that is available over here so he has just to stick with windows for computing

And needs of thousands of users for apps grows on and on which are not found in Linuxbox.

But now is the perfect time to tie up with different Linux camps and forget their difference for time being as Android is at the best peak  of mobile computing , chrome-os filling gaps of Netbook interface its time to take on Desktop interface for Linux-camps come on Guys otherwise they will miss one more chance .


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