23 August 2013

BACKBOX linux 3.05 amd 64bit Review

BackBox Linux is a distribution used to perform penetration tests , security assessments,  fast and easy to used based on ubuntu distro providing  a minimal but complete desktop environment since maintaining of its own software repositories, which are always updated to the latest stable versions and used for best-known ethical hacking tools. It uses the Xfce desktop environment which is developed by Raffaele Forte's  dedicated team. Because it is based on Ubuntu, its installation program is Ubiquity, Ubuntu’s graphical installer,Installation is the same as Ubuntu and it takes about 12 minutes, depending on internet connection speed. Installation went smooth and correct at the first attempt itself. Surely, Linux has come a long way and from most of the distros installation process is trouble free.Actually downloaded iso of size more than 1gb and during live boot started installer .

Thus installation process got completed .

After reboot got about 50 mb of updates .

Now the screenshot shows how the desktop of backbox looks like .

Ethical hacking tool-wise I am not an expert. But shown the screenshots  above, it seems to have it all what hackers actually need.Truly, a smart distro to use.Software repository is almost similar to ubuntu except for the "ethical hacking" part. However, it is based on Xubuntu

 Aside from the security-specific applications, a default installation of BackBox 3 contains most applications for normal desktop use.

It played multimedia and youtube videos and mp3 well as codecs needed to decode it pre-installed .

As this review is just casual and not fair enough to make judgement as I am no where  even close to ethical hacking stuff itself but just reviewing can it act as replacement for other linux desktop for normal use? .  From using Backbox desktop felt that almost all apps which are needed for day to day computing installed so apart from penetration and hacking and other use it can serve as a good replacement for xubuntu desktop .

You may download a 32- or 64-bit installation of BackBox 3.05 from here

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