14 August 2013

BlankOn 8.0 "Rote" Manokwari Review : Manokwari " ROTE " just can't dance on the show .

BlankOn Linux is a Linux distribution based on Debian developed by Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia (YPLI).

 BlankOn 8.0, code name "Rote", was released on 17th Aug 2012. You can get more details of BlankOn in Wikipedia . Just searching a new distro spin and suddenly my eyes felt on blankon distro started to search about it luckily it has a 64 bit as I generally review 64 bit os . so downloaded the iso which is approximately around 1.7 gb in size . Pinned up my usb with live BlankOn  distro and while rebooting my laptop started to see actually how it works on my dell laptop 2.2 ghz processor , 4gb ram and it comes with Linux kernel is 3.2.0 and it has Gnome 3.4.2 .

Installation was just simple where  you have to select language , timezone, keyboard and then to install target and then it scan your hardrive  and then assume swap by itself and only thing  you can select was root partition no option to select home and boot partitions and other stuff .If you are setting dual boot than it would be most confusing as you don't know where bootloader is going to be set .Seems to be my installer went right and dual booted Blankon and windows  .

Then default login screen comes with some message in alien language and some Muslim prayer message pop  ups and suddenly and error happens

"oh no , Something had gone wrong. A problem has  occured and system can't recover please logout and try again "

And some harware related error pops up  which I doesn't seem to understand as its in alien language .

so I couldn't  show you the desktop as it didn't perform well on my Dell laptop hardware issues so still support for newer hardware is doubtful .


As I played it in virtual box it worked nicely but on real hardware it just can't dance with my Dell laptop so fortunately had to say goodbye to it .Actually  I liked the simplicity of tweaked interface in Virtualbox but couldn't able to enjoy that on my hardware as it just didn't worked .Still developers have to see that it support well to newer hardwares  .It  was just total failure for me so wasn't actually impressed let see some problems in next version sorted out so that I can review out next version .
BUT  if any one want to try just try it may be it works for you. Actually this can't be called review but it didn't worked for me so that the stuff all I have to say .

U can try it using ,

unetbootin , Note-imagewriter didn't worked for me .


If you have any issue just visit their forum you will get answered to all your queries .


you can download both 32bit and 64 bit BLANKON desktop from here


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