7 August 2013

Frugalware 1.8 cinna kde review : CINNA is DEAD .

Frugalware Linux is an independent distro ,general purpose desktop Linux  designed for intermediate users. It follows simple Slackware-like design concepts and includes the "pacman" package management utility from Arch Linux. 

Frugalware 1.8 has been dubbed Cinna and it finally reached a stable version after no more than two release candidates.  According to the developer, no new features have been added since the last release, but there have been over 150 changes implemented just to fix minor bugs. The distribution makes use of Linux kernel 3.7.5 and is based on the Gnome 3.6 desktop environment and on KDE 4.9. 

If features important software such as LibreOffice and Mozilla Firefox 18.0.1.

Tagline of FRUGALWARE Distro

Let’s make things frugal!

Actually this is the distro site I have visited many times but truely speaking I never was able to use this distro  ,theres no problem in installation as it  is just simple for normal user mode as i just burned a dvd of frugalware which is more than 4gb dvd1 and tried to install on my Dell inspiron laptop but i was burning into ashes as while booting i got an error which I didnt seem to understand .

Something like this

bcma : bus 0 :pLL  enable time out 
b43-phy 0 error: Found unsupported phy (Analog 10,Type 8 (LCN) ,Revision 1.

Cpu above threshold etc........................


So my experience with frugalware 1.8 was horrible and this edition was a total flop for me .  I was not able to boot in Gui mode at all as still some hardware was not supported . But truly speaking i would be delighted to use frugalware if it works on my hardware in future lets see what will be in their next release till then have to say good bye to frugalware.


THIS distro FRUGALWARE doesnt impressed me at all as it didn't able let me to test on my real hardware .As the distro has let me down so my experience cannot be good but I will test the new release soon .Only I was just impressed by their philosophy of making a slightly lighter distro than slackware . Visited there forums wiki is good as  i was just able to understand  what is frugalware all about but at last it just disappointed me on my Dell laptop .

Also the slogan changed for me for my day 

  "Lets make Things worst " 

AS now the question just arises in my mind whether it is dead ? but surely it is dead for me .IT just like no crossing for me just stop here 

BUT still then if any one want to try 

 just visit the link below

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