18 August 2013

KAhel OS 030712 Review : So-So called distro not so Dual-Boot friendly for Distro -hoppers .

KahelOS is based on Arch Linux. KahelOS is the first and remains to be the only Filipino Linux Distro with the rolling release model on Arch Linux + GNOME. In the community, it is the first to release (non-beta) such Linux OS on Arch Linux and  GNOME combination .

Logo of kahel os as shown below ,

I tested the live session through a live USB made with imagewriter I tested the installation in a real hardware ie Dell laptop 2.2 ghz dual core processor and 4 gb ram , atheros wifi  etc  Follow the jump to see what this other offspring of Arch is like as compared to chakra which are also arch based distro .Chakra is more kde fied and kahel is opposite ie  more gnomeified . Then rebooted the os and started the installer of kahel os

After booting you are given option to test it in live mode or installation mode .Generally  I  Review on a real hardware so just see what happen next so started the installer .

Installer seems to be very simple and involves a quiet few steps just like ubuntu  stuffs .

 A very nice  feature of the installer gives you the opportunity to backup data from the target disk to an external disk but I tried this it doesn't worked for me .

It has two option , one automated since I was installing with other os like win 7 in dual boot mode so choosen manual partition as shown below .


The major weakness of the installer is manual partition mode in which not able to install os on my extended partition but for root/boot it needs primary partition had never seen such a stuff in any other installer till now ,so their partitioner is major weakness to install any system in triple or dual boot mode . so I left to install on my hardware as its doesn't supported booting from extended which I normally do for almost all linux distros .so Todays review will be based on live environment only since I thought of reviewing on real hardware and dont want to waste time in setting partitioning stuff and think that developers should atleast take care about it so  more distro hoppers can think of using it  .

Device notification works, but the default application presented by the system to open a video DVD or audio CD is Brasero, the disk burning application on GNOME desktop environment.Though it is very easy to modify  media settings, these are the types of configurations that should be enabled out of the box.Here you can see advanced settings of gnome desktop where setting can be changed according to user choice.

 when you open a firefox browser you are greeted with its kahel os message ...

By this application various tweets on facebook , twitter accounts can be managed .

It comes with libre office but rolling release so updated to libre office 4.

Just normal to any gnome 3 desktop interface theme .

By  this pacman manager ie add/remove software you can manage apps.Since based on Arch Linux distribution, Pacman is the package management framework on KahelOS and graphical interface is Gpk-application, a package manager for GNOME. .

How file manager themes looks like,

 As in live mode I tested and ran some of my media collections it worked well so media codecs and mp3 codecs pre-installed also it played youtube videos fine . default media player vlc and totem  and audio player is miro player .look how media plays in default  media player installed.

Now watch this image here one icon is over other so making desktop icons ugly and unreadable .

Settings manager of gnome3 desktop as shown below

  Also KahelOS is a rolling-release distribution, you never need to reinstall your system whenever a new version is released. . As long as an installed system is kept updated, you may never need to reinstall when a new version is released. That is the beauty of using a rolling-release distribution.The development model uses  three repositories: Core, Stable and Testing .


 Now I actually liked software selection - selecting judiciously from the large pool of  useful  applications pre-installed in the  kahelos releases. Following apps are shown below

  • Office: LibreOffice 3 suite ,Dictionary, gnucash etc
  • Internet:  skype ,Dropbox , chromium ,Ekiga , Empathy ,Filezilla ,Firefox ,Gwibber ,Epiphany ,Hotot Pidgin ,Tweetdeck ,Transmission, Thunderbird .
  • Graphics: Dia ,Fspot ,Gimp ,Pencil ,Image viewer,Scribus , tuxpaint etc.
  • Multimedia: Miro music player , vlc , totem etc .
  • Accessories: System monitor,Disk ,Clamtk ,Pdf editor etc.
 Applications wise it almost seems to be complete only web apps missing out .

some other apps screenshots,

 In terms of aesthetic is just to normal any gnome3 based standard theme  and  have wallpapers specific to brand other than one thats good for the popularity of system.

 Actually scanned one of my file its worked well

It detected my web cam properly so hardware support is fine .

 During my test both f-spot and gimp worked well no crashes .Gimp is a photo editor tool

Dropbox  pre-installed so cloud connection is possible .It doesn't have inbuilt cloud application but u can use Dropbox , Spideroak ,Yandex etc .only Dropbox is available  others u will have to download from their sites respectively.

I didn't had any issue when going through Indian language websites as I could easily read it which I was not able to do it  in Rosa desktop fresh which I reviewed earlier.Just normal looking  gnome 3 desktop where you can find apps easily by scrolling or writing in tab .

Time to conclusion

Beautiful OS but some icons scramble over one another making it ugly ,developers should take notice of it .Performance wise in virtual box and live performed well but couldn't test on real harware due to installer bug.For a distribution that uses GNOME 3, the default system is really quite user-friendly, that is, compared to similar distributions. By now, we know what GNOME 3 is all about, but the major shortcomings of this distribution is in the installer. While automated disk partitioning is essential, so is manual setup so it can be installed with dual boot with other os. Until the developers solve these issues, they pose a significant barrier for distro-hopper to KahelOS.If u still like it , wanna try it , then ready steady go for it .

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