18 August 2013

OS4 OpenLinux 13.6 Review : Sensational, Beautiful XFCE Spin changing way linux looks .

Os4 is user-friendly desktop based on xubuntu .some of its features includes support for popular browser plugins , addition of packages for multimedia production ,content creation and software development and innovative desktop layout .

Arrival of the distro with release notes.

"Today we are releasing OS4 OpenLinux 13.6 and unveiling our new hardware initiative. This release comes with a lot of bug fixes & application updates. We also have brought new functionality and services. First, hardware services. As a licensed ACER dealer we are bringing about a new hardware initiative. We are bringing state of the art, powerful, beautiful and functional hardware to the OS4 and Linux communities. We believe state of the art software deserves state-of-the-art hardware. So we have a wide range of towers, laptops, all-in-ones and of course our most popular, OS4 BriQ, is still available. We also have the engineering marvel, the Vision 64 all-in-one keyboard PC from Cybernet available. All of these systems make great gifts and they make a great addition to any home or office." 

The size of iso I downloaded was around 1.5 gb in size and created a live usb using unetbootin and tried to install on laptop . here os4 comes with xfce 4.10.2 and linux kernel lts 3.2 .The installer of distro is same as ubuntu so wouldn't cover the installation process.steps like selection of language,keyboard ,location and user and Id creation and it took me around ten minutes to install distro on my laptop excluding updates .

Beauty and aesthetic

Os4 comes with top and bottom panel and latter being transparent .here when an apps open its being seemed in right corner of bottom panel which is very easy to manage stuff , user experience is awesome .

Hardware integration

As its ubuntu based so it recognized my hardware very fastly .Bluetooth ,wifi , touchpad , graphic card etc detected very well as seems to be using well configured hardware configuration and everything works out-of- box for me .also the os is very fast and no lag has been seen by me yet and after using lap for 12 hrs continuously it was still tremendously quiet .


OS4 OpenLinux 13.6 suprises with new integrated application as shown below

**Office: Abiword, Dates, Dictionary, Document viewer, ebook reader ,Gnumeric,
**Internet:  gFTP, Maps, NixNote, Dropbox, Firefox 22.0 ,Phone Dialer, Skype, Thunderbird 17, Pidgin IM, Qtransmission bit torrent client, , Xchat IRC
**Graphics: GIMP 2.8.6, Scribus, ,Simple Scan ,Shotwell Photo Manager, Gthumb, Ristretto Photo viewer
**Multimedia: Arista transcoder,  Openshot video editor, Recordmydesktop, VLC 2.0.7, Webcam booth ,Audacity, Audio recorder, Clementine music player,
**Accessories: Application finder,  Startup disk creator,Archive manager, Calculator, ClamTK, Leafpad, Notes, Screenshot, File Search, Terminal, gdebi Package Manager, Backup, Bootup manager
**Others: Steam, Gambas 3, Grsync, Remastersys, Fog apps.

And games like ,

Other apps screenshot ,

For application management it has no ubuntu like software centre present but synaptic package manager .

As system is xfce so file manager is through thunar and system setting integrated as shown  below .

Only missing was libre office apps but it can be installed from repos . Above seeing it can be concluded that it is rich in web apps which are used by day to day in life .Even firefox is rich in integrated with plugins like flash , Java , shockwave etc.Only app like reditr or Gwibber missing but its also rich in graphics with gimp picture editor and shotwell photo manager .

Application wise it is having healthy list of course firefox browser preinstalled but if you need other browser can be used which can be found in repos .so look how media plays in default media player vlc .

It played youtube video nicely as flash pre- installed .

Also its boost with open-shot best video editor .

It played my music collection well as precodecs installed as in clementine player .

Remastersys a good application to seen in distro pre-installed as its acts backup or restore for os .If u tweak your osoften then its good tool you must have in your wallet .

Os4 comes with steam preinstalled it will bring a smile on hardcore gamers as here steam starts updating but couldn't show game on it as lack of time .

Maps an application is preinstalled in distro to access google maps .

Web based apps is used to integrate various services like twitter, facebook ,reddit etc and it has potential to integrate more and more services like itu can't just think off.

It was able to read newspaper in fog .I didn't had any issue when going through Indian language websites as I could easily read it which I was not able to do it  in Rosa desktop fresh which I reviewed earlier.

Truly speaking I saw web apps  suddenly appearing in Netrunner os then Peppermint os and now os4 as more and more distro provides such web integration and healty competition among distros.Actually all apps are chosen very refinely and it doesn't outspace desktop applications providing working environment .

Actual performance of cpu while updating distro ram usage was around 200mb .

Time to conclusion 

Here apart from libre office apps list seems to be complete and robust .Comparing with other distro ram usage is more but its lighter and blazingly  fast and beautiful and spiced up from xubuntu .Interface seems to be interseting , user friendly and seems to be impressive it put a quite remark on my memory impressions.It will replace my ubuntu studio if able to add ubuntustudio apps if able to do so.Themes look elegant no font rendering issue and its one of the best xfce spin in town after uberstudent .If you like it and want to try out then this is the definetly your distro just try it , go for it .

Enjoy it .

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