15 August 2013

Sabayon Linux 13.08 "XFCE" Review :Professional ,Elegant distro

Sabayon Linux is a Gentoo-based distribution which follows the works-out-of-the-box philosophy, aiming to give the user a wide number of applications that are ready for use and a self-configured operating system.  Sabayon is available in several flavors featuring respectively  KDE, GNOME, LXDE, Xfce and Enlightenment desktop environments.


 "This is a monthly release generated, tested and published to mirrors by our build servers containing the latest and greatest collection of software available in the Entropy repositories. Linux Kernel 3.10.4 with BFQ iosched, updated external ZFS file system support, GNOME 3.8.4, KDE 4.10.5, MATE 1.6.2, Xfce 4.10, LibreOffice 4.1, UEFI SecureBoot for 64 bit images (with bundled UEFI shell), systemd as default init system, Plymouth as default splash system and new high-dpi artwork are just some of the things you will find inside the box."


Installer is quite simpler and while installation generally question asked are language , location , keyboard set up and where to install image on hard disk alongwith root and user password and Id creation .
Installer is quite beautiful and works like a breeze and easiest one almost I have seen .

Thus here sabyon installed  and after reboot you get your sabyoon xfce desktop .

Rigo one of the cleanest, easiest to use package managers currently available in linux world and also its fastest also it shows some system critical notifications  as shown below . By rigo manager you can install or remove software easily .Sabayon Linux sources its applications from the Gentoo repositories which  has a reasonably rich repo and you can get most of the commonly used applications. It is actually all-in-one interface as far as updates and applications are concerned .

Hardware integration

Hardware recognition is, as usual, good with Sabayon 13.04. It could recognize my touchpad, wifi, display and sound card immediately without any issue. In the past it doesn't recognize my touchpad but now everything works . Now laptop keys like brightness worked fine but volume key didn' t worked at all . Also web camera just worked fine .

Sabayon consumtion of  RAM and CPU. With task manager running, it consumed about 280 MB of RAM and 1-10% CPU which is just quite higher than other xfce based distro


Sabayon 13.08  XFCE has the pure XFCE 4.10.2 interface without any tweaking but with a changed some mixy orangy- pinkish wallpaper. Interfaces of applications like LibreOffice are tweaked to gel with the wallpaper. It looks elegant  and professional. While aesthetically pleasing overall, the theme is a bit not as beautiful as part of what you will see in sabayon kde 13.04 .Sabayon provides an experience any experienced Linux user can fall in love with, and so far as I can tell there is still no Linux distro that quite matches it in sheer awesomeness and elegancy .But, except for the default one, rest of the wallpapers is not unique  to sabayon .

For internet access you have Midori browser

To make it more attractive, I downloaded compiz and I could include several subtle animations to sabayon  with 4-5 minutes of effort. Further, I could create the desktop cube and capture screenshots of the animation. By the way XFCE Screenshot is slow in capturing animations.Thunar  1.6.3 is the default file manager. Thunar is one of the most powerful file managers and it works well in Sabayon.


sabayon generally packs with essential applications with all multimedia codecs and Adobe flash pre-installed.

Office: LibreOffice suite (Calc, Writer, Impress, Math, Draw, Base),

Internet: Midori , Pidgin IM, Transmission, hexchat .

Graphics:  Ristretto image viewer, feh, shotwell  ,GIMP 2.8.6,,.

Multimedia: Exaile ,videos totem.

Accessories: Application finder,   screenshot ,task manager ,Archive manager, bulk rename, leafpad , gparted .

Some other apps screenshots

Actually some apps like brasero and browser like firefox was missing as it just better than midori .Even music player lik clementine  included than it would be nice but it can be found in repos .now the time of web apps arrived they could have combine with it as open linux os4 has done Its best xfce right now in town. Application list is more or less complete for regular day to day use. A lot of codecs and drivers are pre-installed so that casual users don't need to face any hassle. I could watch my favorite online videos right after installation. I downloaded conky, skype etc through  rigo installer and all of them worked as expected. All dependencies were met while installing.all type of music collection worked well of a day of my use .

Adobe flashplugin is  installed by default. For internet access, Midori browser is there works really well , I could play my favorite videos from youtube but it still slower than firefox and chrome .


Although Sabayon has become more  easier to use than it used to be in the past they are still a relatively advanced distribution, providing a balance between the powerful performance of Gentoo and the ease-of-use of Mint based distro . I definitely recommend Sabayon to anyone looking for a professional Linux distro but would shy to  recommend Sabayon for a total newbie, but for more experienced Linux users it’s just fun on the top of the game , it is  not the best Linux distro out there in linux empire for beginners .

U can try it using ,

1. imagewriter
2. unetbootin


If you have any issue just visit their forum you will get answered to all your queries.


you can download both  Sabayon xfce from here


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