23 August 2013

Dreamstudio 12.04.3 Review : Rock solid and Decent MULTImedia desktop studio for all .

DreamStudio is an Ubuntu-based distribution containing tools to create stunning graphics, captivating videos, inspiring music, and professional websites .Logo of Dream studio looks like as shown below  ,

Dream studio is a complete multimedia and photo production suite . Now already you have heard of  some studio like ubuntu studio based on xfce , kxstudio based on kde , Tango studio based on gnome  etc but whats the difference , yes Dream studio is based on ubuntu unity interface  which is very different what you have not used on other linux platforms . Now ubuntu unity interface is very beautiful , seemingly fast and doesn't clutter your interface  while working thats the beauty of unity but only cons is that it more resource consuming than other desktop interface.

Now Dream studio is extremely portable can be installed on hard drive or usb device so it can be in your pockets anyplace anywhere. Dream studio contains all the apps containing creating music editing videos and photos,with astonishing graphics , captivating video stuff and stuff required to create professional websites etc .Dream Studio is maintained by musician and artist Dick Macinnis,and has  easier for creative artists to set up stuff for studio without any need for professional tutorial .

Here are some applications available in Dream studio .

Lightworks for Linux Beta – Lightworks for Linux Beta is included in a special 64-bit Installation ISO (it’s currently only available as a binary, with no x86 support), You can try it , however, need a Lightworks Linux Beta registration to use it. Lightworks has been the editing platform of choice for a vast amount of Hollywood productions including Pulp Fiction and Braveheart.

CinePaint 1.0 -DreamStudio is  only distribution that includes it by default. This is the same world class software used in Hollywood blockbusters like The Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter.

Ardour 3.2 –A  professional digital audio workstation designed to replace offerings such as Digidesign Pro Tools, Steinberg's Cubase, Apple's Logic etc . It includes  MIDI recording, editing, and other plugins but also a new video track  making this the perfect open source solution for every type of film and music systems .

Cinelerra - A powerful non-linear video editor comparable to leading solutions like Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere ,  Apple's Final Cut Pro etc The professional grade editing and compositing software for Linux is included which is’ more stable than ever, and includes a brand new “Light” UI theme.

Hydrogen: A Drum machine and loop maker that supports up to 36 tracks, it also has a nice selection of free kits.

LMMS: A Music studio and workstation for Linux, it is comparable to other intermediate audio work stations.

Audacity: Audio recording and mixing software  of open-source platform. .

GIMP: The best Open Source photo editing  programs which has tools to correct and edit photos needed for painters and photeditors with features similar to Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro .GIMP can also be used for  professional work with images intended for viewing on monitors and printing on ink-jet printers.

Blender - A free 3D graphics application that can be used for modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging,  skinning, animating, rendering, non-linear editing, compositing, and creating interactive 3D applications, including video games, animated film, or visual effects and  some simulation rendering tools.

SlowMoVideo 0.3 – The latest version of this excellent software no longer requires Nvidia hardware, and makes incredibly fluid videos. It even supports drawing speed curves.

SynfigStudio 0.64 – Synfig is great for kinetic typography, video titling and credits, and even cartoon animation.A powerful, industrial-strength vector-based open-source 2D animation software package allowing one to create animations similar to those done with Adobe Flash .

Inkscape - vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara Xtreme, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics file format. Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features   It is very easy to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more and interface is great for work .

Darktable - A virtual lighttable  darkroom for photographers similar to Adobe Lighroom: it manages your digital negatives in a database and lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and also edit raw images.

Bombono - a DVD authoring program Brasero - a CD/DVD burning application .

Kompozer - a complete web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing .

Stopmotion  :For creating stop-motion animations like the Wallace and Gromit movies .

Applications are the usual ones that you expect like
  • Office: LibreOffice Calc, Write, Impress & Draw along with Document viewer
  • Internet: Firefox 21,  desktop sharing, Remmina remote desktop client, thunderbird, transmission bit torrent client ,Gwibber,Kompozer etc.
  • Graphics: GIMP 2.8, Image viewer, Shotwell photo manager, simple scan,agave,Blender ,camcardsync ,cinepaint ,Cmyktool ,Darktable ,Disk wrapper ,Doc viewer,Entangle ,Fontforge ,fontmatrix ,Gcolour 2,Gimp ,Inkscape ,Luminance HDR ,Phatch image inspector ,Rawtherapee ,scribus ,stopmotion.
  • Multimedia: Rhythmbox music player, guitarix ,Jackeq ,Jack mixer ,Jack timemachine ,Jamin ,brasero ,Calf plugin ,celtx ,Ardour ,Audacity ,bitmeter ,Jamin, Hydrogen ,Beat generator ,Gnome alsa mixer ,Xjadeo,yoshimi ,Zita-revi ,zynkjack ,stopmotion ,Vmpk ,winff ,sooperlooper,Sound converter ,sound recorder ,specimen , sonic visualizer ,smasher ,Seq24, Rhytmbox ,Record my desktop ,Qtractor ,Qsynth ,Qjacktl ,Pulse audio volume control ,pulse audio equaliser ,Photofilmstrip ,Phasex,Patchage ,openshot ,Totem video player ,mixxx, lives ,Lmms ,Meterbridge ,Japa , Jsampler ,kazam etc .
  • others: backup ,Network tools ,Startupdisk creator ,gparted, slowmovide , screenshot etc. and also some games and education softwares and cloud app ubuntu one .
Almost all softwares for daily computing are there so really good alternative to ubuntu unity ,only missing was vlc or smplayer in list thats my favourite player but thanks of ubuntu software centre it can be easily installed .


The multimedia codecs and Adobe flashplugin  are preinstalled and hence, you can live stream or watch your favorite movies just after installation and youtube videos as shown below .

Performance of ram improved greatly from previous releases .

Technical speaking, Dreamstudio  comes with kernel 3.8.0 low latency kernel and has Files 3.4.3 as the file manager. A low-latency kernel is installed by default. The low-latency PAE (physical address extension) kernel is automatically get installed if you have more gbs of ram surely around 3 to 4 gb.


how screen locks looks while login

 Search lens displaying searches online on youtube ,

other screenshots ,

Look how theme of file manager in dream studio looks like ,

Its easy to manage workspace and easy to swith it as 4 are enabled by default ,

Dreamstudio 12.04.3 is a significant update for the LTS version. I could note definite improvement in performance and stability also ram consumption is lower as compared to what it used in general when first version came up.

Look how screen looks in dual boot on real hardware ,


Nothing new here same as ubuntu 12.04 unity installer .As of now, the ISO is at 2.6gb and is perhaps one of the heaviest ISO I have seen of Ubuntu based distro. I did a live boot followed by installation on my dell laptop with 2.2 Ghz dual core processor and 4 GB RAM .Steps  expected are  like selection of language and keyboard preferences, location, hard drive to install and finally, user ID creation. All in all, it took me 15 minutes to install including downloading of  third party software.here I wouldnt be showing installer stuff since its same as ubuntu .

The artwork of Unity has significantly improved from previous release. Unity strip looks good with the upgraded design. Dream studio  has some standard ubuntu  wallpapers to showcase as well.

how apps looks in search lens hud interface ,

Online account stuff was missing in default dreamstudio . Option exist, however, for the user to not share data for all as well as for selected applications for privacy management .

Hardware recognition
   Dreamstudio was able to recognize my  Wifi, touchpad, LAN and screen resolution. Like any other Ubuntu spin, Dreamstudio  did not disappoint in hardware recognition.


For me 

  The primary issues bothering Unity, in my experience, were high resource usage and instability  in the past , the reasons for which I quit Ubuntu based unity distro to use other distro which I found to be much more stable.But my impression has changed resource usage has improved greatly also no single crash during my usage of applications . I will think of using it once again .

For Public

Dreamstudio 12.04.3 LTS is possibly one of the long term release since based on ubuntu and the LTS is supported for 5 years so thats great also performance improved significantly  . Unity Dreamstudio  works better and more snappier than ever with updates and  offers better social network integration and multimedia production workhouse has a lot of cool features to showcase. As of now, Dreamstudio  feels good to use and seems mostly stable.However, Unity is still not customizable but you get a rock solid Dreamstudio for work and thats free .  Based on what I saw, I would definitely recommend Ubuntu studio users to be ready to upgrade to Dreamstudio if you like unity .It has good pack of multimedia stuff than ubuntu studio surely and also good alternate to ubuntu unity , use Dreamstudio .

 U can try it using , 

1. usb transfer.
3. burn dvd 


  For more information visit their site .

you can download both 32bit and 64 bit Dreamstudio  from here.

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