12 August 2013

KXStudio 12.04.1 64 bit review :Reliable, Efficient kde Multimedia Ready-to-Go studio for use.

kxstudio is a linux distro which is based on ubuntu and aimed at musicians , producers ,artists as well as normal regular users .KXStudio  is a collection of applications, artwork and plugins, targeted at audio and video production.

KXStudio also provides a Linux Distribution, currently based on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS.Although focused on GNU/Linux, some of our applications work in other Operating Systems.There are also other studio available like ubuntu studio /Dream studio but no one were based on kde so I decided to try this distro ,size of the iso I downloaded was about 1.7 gb .

The installer  of the distro is just same as kubuntu/linux mint kde  .So I wouldn't be covering installation stuff over here . The kxstudio  installer quickly installed the system as also an option to update distro during installation process , so had a ready to go studio to use for me . The splash screen is just normal kde based.

After  finishing installation got some screen like this

And then updated the stuff as follows.

Unlike Ubuntu studio as system is kde so file management in kxstudio happens through dolphin 2.1 .

AS it includes vlc and sm media player so both my favorites so it plays lot of various range of formats also it quite rich in music player as both audacious and clementine included so watching and listening multimedia stuff is just like a cool breeze flowing around you .

Also k3b burner is included to burm cd and dvd stuff around so quite productive .

It also includes Gimp and Inkscape for my image manipulation and  stuff around doing it so well I will be using it through largely all the time .

Also you can use blender for 3d modelling and animation and for photomanagement digikam provided so nice round of overall apps included.

here in kstudio for audio production hydrogen, ardour , lmms , audacity etc has been included.

For video production kdenlive is included but one of my favourite is openshot editor that i know to use which can be found in repos but never used kdenlive but prefer openshot thats fine .


  I actually liked software selection of the distro , selecting judiciously from the large pool of  useful  applications pre-installed in the kxstudio releases. Following apps are shown below 

  • Office: LibreOffice 3 suite ( Write, Impress & Draw), Okular Document viewer.
  • Internet: Ktorrent, Akregator, Knet attach, firefox web browser, kopete.
  • Graphics:  Gwenview image viewer,  Ksnapshot ,gimp ,blender, inkscape, digikam etc
  • Multimedia: Audacious ,clementine, vlc  Player, Kmix , SM player , vlc player .
  • UTILITIES :kcalc ,katrina ,ark ,kate etc .
Only email client was not installed apart from it is ok.

 For applications management it uses synaptic package manager no ubuntu like software centre present  .

It comes with an classical default application launcher according to kde  theme.
There is no default email client available in kxstudio kde but you can install client  from repos as it is ubuntu based .

It played youtube video nicely as flash pre installed .

 I didn’t had any issue when going through Indian language websites as I could easily read it which I was not able to do it  in Rosa desktop fresh which I reviewed earlier .


It doesn’t have inbuilt cloud application but u can use Dropbox , Spideroak ,Yandex etc .only Dropbox is available in repos others you will have to download from their sites respectively. 


KxStudio kde  has lot of customization for folks who love customizing their distros . In terms of aesthetic is just to normal any kde based standard theme  and have some wallpapers specific to brand other than one as can be seen here.

 Aesthetic looks with a beautiful  analog clock widget available in kxStudio  kde desktop .

After screen lock  how  it looks.

Hardware integration

Bluetooth ,Wifi , touchpad , sound card ,graphic card etc worked well within my use for week and seems it has been  well configured hardware integration for use and everything work out of box for me .Now how well it recognized my Dell Inspiron laptop brightness keys worked well ,also volume keys outperformed than other distro as with keys was easily able to increase or decrease brightness that sounds great for me.

 Performance wise it consumes 850 mb  ram actually nothing running in background .


 Apart from default email client which is not present is ready to go and use kde based distro and also it includes multimedia production apps so it is boon to artist , musicians and also general audience . The overall theme looks dark thats not so pleasant and while writing in browsers or searching in google I couldn't able to read the letters what i had typed so atleast that part should be taken care by developers .something like this

Also if default theme can be reartisted then it will be pleasant to eyes to use , but right now i will give Ubuntu studio and Dreamstudio better than this. Its one of the best kde multimedia studio of all distro we have.If you want to try KxStudio, definitely this is the distro for you , just go for it .

U can try it using ,

1. imagewriter
2. unetbootin


If you have any issue just visit their forum you will get answered to all your queries


you can download both  kXStudio kde from here


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